By September it’s back to school for everyone. I hope that every one of those kids we fit with new glasses loves them. As a kid, 80 percent of what we learn is visual. That means that AR lenses are right for most kids, and a second pair is critical so they always have that new prescription to wear. And all kids should have good quality sunglasses as a protection from UV radiation. Are those kids happy with their glasses? Call them (mom that is)—that contact will be appreciated.

Pro to Pro Managing Editor Linda Conlin writes about eye injury this month—perfect since September is also National Preparedness month.

September is also the ninth month, though the word means “seven.” That’s the art of opticianry—isn’t it? We hear what a customer needs (new prescription, glasses, sunglasses, reading help, etc.), and we find out the real meaning. We ask questions to get to the real meaning. Once we do that, we convert that need into a want using our product knowledge, experience, the fashion trends, our color sense, the patient’s budget and managed vision care benefits, just to name a few. A want means that a benefit and/or value were communicated. Customers pay for benefits. That engenders trust and loyalty. Each time you provide benefits you cement that relationship for a return visit.

In the September 1 CE titled “Blue Light Refocused, Separating Science from Speculation,” Dr. Gary Morgan teaches what blue light is and the role it plays in visual and non-visual function. It can help us evaluate blue light attenuating lens products so that we can differentiate between unsubstantiated product claims and actual science. This helps us frame conversations about them with patients. This course is supported by an educational grant from VSP Optics Group.

The September 15 CE by this author teaches about a new functional AR lens called Nikon SeeCoat Bright. Learn about the changes that naturally occur, to the way we see color and brightness. This is especially true in dim light, in different geographies or from the effects of aging on the clear media of the eye. The technology and benefits of SeeCoat Bright can improve and brighten colors and vision. Finally, know how to incorporate and communicate the benefits of Nikon SeeCoat Bright into your practice. This course is supported by an educational grant from Nikon.

Mark Mattison-Shupnick, ABOM