Temperatures are warming up, and daylight hours are getting longer—which means there’s more time to spend outdoors doing the activities we love. For this editor, running is my go-to outdoor activity, and I have never been more excited to get back to participating in road races again, particularly the NYC Marathon this fall NYC Marathon Whether I’m running solo or at a race, you’ll always see me wearing my Rx sport sunglasses—they’re a vital part of my running gear. I can’t imagine running without them, even on cloudy days, so I take every opportunity I can to tout the benefits of sport eyewear, the theme of 20/20 ’s April issue. It’s chock full of the latest sport eyewear you need to see, from styles packed with high tech performance features to athleisure inspired frames suited for more low-key outdoor activities. And for those who aren’t necessarily outdoor lovers but simply looking for some fabulous new frames, we’ve got you covered. Check out Feature Editor Jillian Urcelay’s New Products roundup of her favorite feminine finds for women.

<—Christine Yeh