Still life photography by NED MATURA

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Oakley drives home the powerful impact of Sport Eyewear with Team Oakley athletes (pictured from top left) Sebastien Toutant, Judd Henkes, Stale Sandbech, Jamie Anderson and Sage Kotsenburg.

ENCODER from Oakley

REVO Descend Fold from ClearVision Optical

From left: SPYDER 6031 from Altair Eyewear; C-SHIFTER from Bolle

From top: BRAWLEY from Serengeti; PAONIA from Zeal Optics

TREK from Wiley X

KEOKEA from Maui Jim

From left: RECSPECS MA-1 from Liberty Sport; SHAQ EYE GEAR 104Z from Zyloware

FILA SF1280 from De Rigo Rem

RESOLVE from Smith Optics

From left: CHAMPION Act from L’Amy America; UNDER ARMOUR Dominate from Safilo

From left: PRADA SPS 03W from Luxottica; INVU 262-C2 from Europa Eyewear

NIKE Victory E DV2144 from Marchon Eyewear

It’s time to hone your Attitude.
Sharpen it right into a keen sense of Sportitude.
You must commit.
Your stance as an Opti-Pro depends on it.
Sport eyewear is a necessity, and you must build on that powerful story.
Preach that power in both plano AND Rx sun.
Play it true with safety eyewear up to any task.
Declare the power of Sport Tech…
Sport flair… sport frame materials…
And perhaps most important… sport lenses.
The clock always seems to be ticking when it comes to any sport.
And you need to be ready to ring both the start and the final bell.
Ready. Set. Go with Sportitude.

–James J. Spina