By Linda Conlin, Pro to Pro Managing Editor

At this time of year, I always enjoy looking forward, but with a look over my shoulder at the past year. While 2021 had its challenges, it also was filled with hope and successes. Our successes at Pro to Pro came from you, our readers, our authors, and our sponsors. I extend a hearty thanks to all of you who help make Pro to Pro the resource for information and education for eye care professionals. In return, I’d like to present again some of the most popular articles from our eblasts. If you didn’t miss them, I hope you’ll enjoy another read. If you missed them, gather up some good information. These and more can be found at

For the article “OptiCat and More,” I had the privilege of speaking with optician Danielle Crull, owner of A Child’s Eyes in Mechanicsburg, PA. When Danielle found a stray kitten, little did she know that this cute ball of fur would become the celebrity of her children’s eyewear practice. Since 2018, Truffles has helped children overcome their anxiety about wearing glasses and patching by modeling them herself, including wearing a mask. See how Danielle, her optical family, and Truffles make eyewear and occlusion therapy comfortable and fun for young patients. 

Marisol Rodriguez gave us “That by Which We See,” about the evolution of human color vision. Ninety million years ago, our evolutionary predecessors had two simple photoreceptors, or cones, allowing them to detect ultraviolet and red wavelengths, and rods aiding in low-light conditions. Photoreceptors then evolved to detect an extended portion of the visible light spectrum. Today we have about 6 million cones, densely packed in and around the fovea centralis, active during daytime, while we have about 120 million rods located everywhere else in the retina, active during low-light conditions. You can learn more about this amazing evolution from the article.

Shamir Glacier™ PLUS is an anti-reflective coating that utilizes advanced technologies to provide a cutting-edge, glare-reducing solution for your patients’ lenses that protects from the various elements that glasses encounter every day. In “Pro to Pro on Shamir Glacier Plus,” we spoke with Nicole, Clinic Director for Focused Eye Care in Lakeville, MN, and Adam, Optician Manager at Studio Optix in New York City, about their experiences with this product and how their patients responded for a first-hand look.

I hope you enjoy these and all of Pro to Pro with my best wishes for Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year!