Advanced polarizing film technology helps make NuPolar® a world market leader

The most important element of any polarized lens is the polarizer – a unique thin film incorporated into the lens structure. NuPolar film is unique and its performance is unrivaled in the industry.

Proprietary Film Technology

Younger is one of the few lens manufacturers that has film-manufacturing capabiliti es. This has allowed Younger to achieve unrivaled excellence in the areas of film placement (lenses as thin as possible), color stability (uniform color lens to lens), heat stability (safe for all hard coating and AR treatments), and advanced film adhesion (never a delamination). Creating a great polarized lens starts with great polarizing film technology.
Excellent Color Uniformity
Younger colors are always “true colors”. The human eye is a superb “color matching instrument” and NuPolar® lenses are the best product on the market to satisfy these demanding requirements.
High Polarization Efficiency
NuPolar never compromises on high polarization efficiency. Some polarized films have such low efficiency that they don’t even work with a glare demonstrator.
Excellent Heat Stability
NuPolar’s colors remain stable in the elevated temperatures often required for hard coating and AR processing.
Other lenses often fade or change their colors completely when subjected to the temperatures required during these processing steps.
Superb Adhesion
Before NuPolar, delaminations were an everyday occurrence with polarized lenses. With NuPolar technology, the film and lens form an integral chemical bond, which eliminates the possibility for lens/film delaminations.
   The unique chemical composition of the polarizing film facilitates a chemical reaction between the lens material and polarizing film material. As a result, the polarizing film and the lens are linked by a stable chemical bond. This eliminates any chance of film separation.