Edging in-house can save you thousands of dollars in lab fees each month, as the chart below shows. These savings can more than offset the monthly costs for purchasing and operating the equipment.

If you are considering the benefits of an in-office lab for your practice, here are some important facts:

Most practices do not need to hire new employees to run an in-office lab. Automated edging systems are so easy to learn and to use; employees without optical experience can become edging experts. The company that installs the machine will train your staff and provide on-going technical support.

The space required to set up an in-office lab is less than you might think. Briot has integrated the steps that once required multiple machines into just one or two machines with small footprints (see the discussion of ALL-IN-ONE below).

In-house edging isn't just for practices doing fifty or more jobs a week. The savings can be significant for just 15 to 20 jobs a week when you compare lab fees for finishing high end lenses with the cost of unfinished lenses. A lab on premise pays out in customer service too. It can increase gross revenue by keeping customers who want fast job turnaround from walking out. Plus, you get payment faster to improve cash flow.

Lab equipment is a revenue-generator. In-office labs help lower operating costs and boost revenue, which offset the investment costs. Whether you lease or get a loan to purchase, your tax advisor can show you the benefits of using this business expense to maximize your annual return.

Bottom Line: It's Easy To Get Started
Ask a sales consultant to visit your office and help you develop an analysis of savings based on your job volume. Our representative will also explain the simple steps required to set up a lab in your office.

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