Begin by describing product benefits, then the benefit of their plan, and their personal contribution to make this purchase a reality. Ask a variety of “Did you know” questions. Be sure they contain the wellness, product, service and value interests that are important to today’s patient. “Did you know – you could have a yearly preventive eye exam that can detect eye conditions, risks for diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, etc.”

• “Your plan could get that Prada frame at little more than the cost of an ordinary non-branded frame.”
• “You could upgrade to the best in each lens category for a small extra cost.”
• “With a little more money, most plan benefit design would let you get the newest optimized and personalized lenses.”
• “A partial payment for the best antiglare lenses is provided.”
• “Your first pair of eyewear is covered in part, you can apply the |savings as a head start to a pair of prescription sunglasses (readers, computer specs).”

Consumer advertising and marketing efforts build consumer awareness, generate demand for quality eyewear products, and support quality eyecare. They can also provide new tools for the office, like discounts to save your business money on optical and non-optical goods and services. Review each company's support for product and business education programs.