For many years, various proprietary products and technologies have been created to be used in conjunction with KODAK Lenses. To explain the development, a series of technical reports have been written. These technical reports are separated into three specific categories: Progressive Lenses, Anti-Reflection Lens Coatings and Blue Light Filtering. Each category delves into the various technologies and the different levels of products available. The technical reports give a general overview of what products are available on a global scale.

KODAK Progressive Lens Technologies Technical Report: The purpose of this document is to explain the evolution of the different technologies that have been designed and utilized to increase the level of performance in the KODAK Progressive Lens range.

By showing the historic development of KODAK Lens technologies and designs, the continued drive for advancement is apparent. The KODAK Digital Progressive Lens range today consists of many unique and advanced technologies while continuing to introduce lens designs that are easy to use, improve the wearer’s quality of vision and thus, quality of life.

KODAK Anti-Reflection Lens Coatings Technical Report: KODAK Anti-Reflective Lens Coatings have experienced an evolution over the years, introducing a progression of new features that benefit the lens wearer’s vision as well as the cosmetic appearance of the lens.

The world of lens coatings involves continual testing for performance, protection and quality. KODAK Lens continues to work at offering Anti-Reflective Lens Coatings that align with the quality associated with the KODAK name as well as meet and exceed current tests and regulations.

This document presents the technology, process and features available along with the various tests performed to verify the quality of KODAK Anti-Reflective Lens Coatings.

Blue Light Filtering Technology Technical Report

Creating products that help in the filtering of potentially Harmful Blue Light while harnessing the power of good blue light has been a specific area of innovation and focus for the development of the KODAK Lens portfolio. The purpose of this document is to explain the interaction of vision with color and specifically, the benefits of KODAK Lens products that target sections of the color spectrum that could be potentially harmful to the lens wearer’s eyes.

With the use of digital devices as well as time spent online increasing year over year, the need for protection from potentially Harmful Blue Light exposure has also increased. We do not know for certain to what extent the long-term impact will be on vision. The KODAK Lens portfolio continues to create different levels of protection to guarantee that all patients will have a solution to fit their vision needs.