By the Opticians Association of America

Hey Opticians!

Did you know that the OAA is opening the Guild to individual opticians? Being an independent optician doesn't mean you have to go it alone.

The purpose of the Guild is to unite Independent Opticians and use their collective voice to strengthen their position in the marketplace. The Guild was formed in 1926 to establish the highest-level skill set for opticianry that an office could attain. To be a member of the Guild meant your office had met the strictest standard achievable.

Over time, the world around us has changed, and entrepreneurial optical establishments have become a rarity. Independent opticians often go it alone. It is our hope that independent opticians with a desire to show their patients that they have worked to set themselves apart from other competitors in the area will join the Opticians Guild of America. Many independent opticians in the United States can qualify and differentiate themselves from the "rest of the pack."


• Listing on OAA Website
• OAA Will Direct Consumer to Listing
• Free OAA Honored Fellow Membership
• OAA Will Provide Marketing for the Guild
• Door Cling and Certificate Suitable for Framing
• Free Quarterly Best Business Practices Forums
• Participation in Guild Recommended Products and Services
• Quarterly Guild Newsletter

Who Can Join?

An owner or employee of an Independent optical shop, Current ABO basic Certification, 5 years experience, (3 years with an associate degree), licensed in a licensed state, and NCLE certification for contact lens fitters.

Join this esteemed group of professionals to increase the power of our collective voice in the optical marketplace. The OGA is designed to help you be independent and strong — together.

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