By Rebecca Soto, ABOC/NCLEC

Ever hear the joke about the girl who walks into a bar? She orders a martini, notices a rather dapper gentleman wearing a pair of incredible glasses, and decides to ask him where he purchased them.
I ordered them online.
Girl then proceeds to call her cousin: Can you measure my face? I’d like to order some glasses online.
Here’s the punchline: I’m the cousin. Funny,right? NOT!

I have been working in the field of Opticianry for 20 years. I was young when I began, and still recall the old curmudgeon optician telling me this field would not be around for much longer. Here we are 20 years later and although things have changed, the need for opticians is still in great demand. Just ask my cousin! Some may disagree, especially with online sales. What I find important to remember however, as with any profession, is the objective of the work and the invaluable worth of human connection.

In the profession of Opticianry, we are the experts. We are the gurus! Think about your expertise in measurements, pre-adjustment, dispensing, and adjustments. Most patients know they need a PD but when working with them, it is important to take our time and perform all measurements accurately, then choosing the right design, material and treatments to best match the frame, ensuring the patient will be receiving the best vision possible. Measurements are only one part of the solution. Patients will always need our professional assistance.

My cousin didn’t intend to offend me when she asked for my help – what she inevitably did was reinforce what I have been saying about the field: opticians aren’t going anywhere! We’ll be here for as long as people need vision correction.