Sponsored by De Rigo Rem


By Deborah Kotob, ABOM

The core of De Rigo Rem's company mission is “to continuously seek and implement ways to aid in our customer's success while growing a sustainable and socially responsible company.” This statement guides how De Rigo Rem is a company and how they do business. Education is one of the most significant ways they aid their customers’ success. They know that a well-educated industry has benefits beyond the optical office. De Rigo Rem has long been a leader in education for the optical industry, both internally and externally, and consistently led in top utilization of 2020mag.com/ce continuing education courses.

“Providing continuing educational opportunities for the optical industry is a passionate focus for our company. We see these courses that we’ve produced as living our company mission and by extension becoming a valued and trusted partner in this industry," says Alessandro Baronti, De Rigo Rem president and CEO.

The “Creating an Experience Course” was the first course produced by De Rigo Rem for the purpose of continuing education in the optical industry. This course launched in 2019 and ran through 2021. An estimated 4,880 individuals completed this educational session for ABO accreditation. This course focused on four key elements, creating a complete customer journey before the appointment to the sale and beyond. This course educated the industry on how to focus on an in-store experience for their customer. Changing customer expectations are a significant factor in converting sales. The conclusion of this course focused on how stores should merchandise for success.

The second course produced by De Rigo Rem is the “Art of Dispensing,” which ran from 2020 through June 2022. This comprehensive course explored a customer’s emotional connection to brands and the unique stories they tell. The course also shared how to connect with customers for a deeper connection, leading to increased sales. Lastly, this course educated optical professionals on the 10 Golden Rules of Community and how they translate to sales. Over 4,166 individuals took this wildly popular course.

The third course produced by De Rigo Rem is the “Art of Multiple Pairs.” This course began running in 2021 and will continue to run through June 2023. This unique course teaches how to dispense multiple pairs of eyewear and why it is a necessity for today’s customers. The customer landscape is changed not only in how purchases are made but in what influences the decision-making process. This course truly shines in speaking about dispensing eyewear for different lifestyles, such as sun, blue light and sport, to name a few. This course also dives into need versus want decision-making and how that impacts the sale of multiple pairs. The culmination of this educational piece speaks about how to bundle multiple pairs and examines financing options for customers. As of the writing of this article, over 3,318 individuals have completed this course for ABO accreditation.

The fourth course and most recently produced by De Rigo Rem, “The DNA of Product Assortment,” launched in June 2022. This course was created out of feedback from the industry, that further education on inventory management was sorely needed. The DNA of Product Assortment focuses on planning and managing inventory. The course focuses on the three most common oversights in inventory management, how to establish a solid inventory strategy and finishes by teaching how to use an assortment assessment template to evaluate product segments and returns. This course has only been available since June 2023, but 308 individuals have completed this course and received ABO accreditation.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive educational courses to our industry. We are in a unique position as an eyewear company that we hear what our industry needs firsthand in the optical shops we serve. As a result, we have focused our curriculum to support our industry’s needs. It is our continued commitment to further support education for the complex skill set required in an ever-changing market landscape,” says Baronti.

These four courses produced by De Rigo Rem and presented by 20/20 Magazine at 2020mag.com/ce have provided ABO accreditation to close to 13,000 optical professionals. In addition, the three courses in place launched in 2019, 2020 and 2021 have consistently been among the top most popular in the continuing educational offerings in the Jobson Education program. De Rigo Rem supports your vision.