We’ve been known to brag (just a bit) from time to time about our talented and prestigious group of Contributing Editors – both past and present. We have exciting news to share about one of our past Contributing Editors for the Opticians Handbook - Barry Santini, O.O. (Ophthalmic Optician®).

At the April 2016 meeting of the Society to Advance Opticianry (SAO) named Barry E Santini, O.O. “2016 Ophthalmic Optician of the Year.”

The press release from SAO follows.

Mr. Santini was chosen for his high level of service to our profession and his patients for more than 20 years. To qualify for this honor, an Optician must be a current member of the SAO in the year they are being considered, must advance opticianry through the promotion of higher education and certification levels for Opticians. They must not be a current officer or board member of the SAO during the prior year they are being considered for this honor.

Barry has demonstrated all the outstanding leadership qualities that an Ophthalmic Optician® should have. He is an industry leader, an active member of NYSO and has written many articles for optical industry magazines. As a New York Licensed Optician in both eyewear and contacts, he is a respected Master Optician that owns his business and still has time to communicate very effectively on several social medias.

The Society to Advance Opticianry is a credentialing organization, which promotes college education and licensing and/or certification credentials for Opticians in both eyewear and contact lenses. The SAO provides mentoring services to its candidate members working toward full membership. For more information, please go to the SAO website www.ophthalmicoptician.org.