By Samantha Ramcharran, LO

As an optician, my priority is for the patient to have the best vision with their eyeglasses. That priority includes multiple pairs. The idea of buying two or more pairs of glasses can meet resistance from some, but I learned ways to make it more appealing. I’ve learned to maximize business opportunities with kindness. These are some tips that can help build sales!

When patients are waiting for their eye exam, I’ll strike up a conversation asking about their day and offer to clean their glasses. This is an easy way to begin a conversation about caring for their pair. I stress the importance of using lens cleaner versus regular soap and water, Windex, or alcohol for their eyeglasses. In my experience, those are the most common misconceptions about cleaning glasses. People don’t always realize how dirty their lenses and frames can get, so we remind them to clean them daily to preserve them. I tell patients how excessive buildup from makeup, moisturizer, dirt, dust, and natural oils from skin can damage coatings and even the frame itself. A simple offer to clean glasses provides a sales opportunity because I’ve shown that I care. They trust my advice, and this can build a life-long relationship for future purchases.

Another effortless way to drive business is during adjustments. I make it a habit to ask before adjusting patients’ frames whether they have a back-up pair. If the answer is no, I’m honest about being able to adjust the frames but if they are in irreparable shape, I’ll explain the risk they are taking in case they break. This is an opportunity I take advantage of every time because everyone needs to have a second pair. Bringing over a couple frames for patients to try as either a spare pair or a new primary pair can spark interest and become a sale. Sometimes screws go missing and I don’t have an exact fit, so I recommend a new frame. I see endless opportunities during adjustments for second pairs because I see patients’ desperation when they need a repair. I inspect the frames before adjusting them. Sometimes it’s easy to tell if they have been sat on, rolled over, or the patient only uses one hand to remove their glasses. I remind patients that accidents happen.

Patients who come in to pick up glasses are another opportunity to increase business. I highlight sunglass specials or second pair discounts for a backup pair. It might be repetitive from the first interaction, but I’ve noticed a great deal of positive feedback. I feel it’s not as challenging to convert a second pair at this time because I’ve already created a great reputation with the patient. I’ll show them their options and talk about their hobbies again to explain that this pair will make their lives easier, and they’ll worry less if they lose or damage their primary glasses. Too few people have eyewear contingency plans, so I take responsibility for convincing them to think about accidents and loss. Not only does this benefit the business, it makes someone’s life easier thanks to our recommendation.

Going the extra mile for someone even if they aren’t purchasing shows that we care. I drew up a small guide about how to store and care for eyewear. I hand it out or walk patients through it. Not only does it show that I’m great at my job, it demonstrates sincerity and builds trust that keeps business thriving. Making money is part of our job as well as making sure everyone can see well. These tips have helped tremendously to increase sales. Be transparent and confident in your skills as an optician because people notice that aura and willingly give you their business. 

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