When making a choice to do one's own finishing many offices have a small space and want to walk before running. The considerations for any owner of an optical practice when choosing the right equipment are the right edger, blocker, tracer, drilling capability, the space required and the ease of use. Recently, Briot USA took that to heart releasing an all-in-one edger system that includes drilling capability called Emotion.

A requirement of all edgers is precise tracing and the Emotion's built-in tracer records the frame's characteristics of shape and curvature, measures the frame's eye-wire thickness for a perfect fit. Trace patterns and demo lenses, store up to 300 jobs and 200 patterns in memory for easy recall, reduced processing time and the flexibility to support any business requirement.

The data input system of the Emotion incorporates a high resolution touch screen, easy to understand icons and features a handy 1:1 scale display of both eyes for a real perspective. The edging system is capable of handling all materials and puts both a front and rear safety-bevel on the lenses for a well finished job. The drill is capable of placing up to twenty holes per lens, in diameters ranging from 1 to 6 mm each, and their position is easily controlled from the drilling screen where it is possible to verify, add, and delete holes and notches. This system also includes the built-in Digiform software which can simplify the modification of several dimensions of any lens.

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