Jeff Hopkins, Director of Marketing, GSRx, Inc.

Dear Labby,
I’m an optician with a practice in a nice, affluent area. I have a great staff, we’ve got a pretty good premium product mix, and we’re in a long-term relationship with a nearby lab. The quality of their work is good, and they’re pretty reliable about delivery times. I don’t have a lot to complain about. But there’s something missing. Our relationship has become routine, and while my lab is helping me keep my business doing well, I feel like things could be better. How do I take my relationship with my lab to the next level?

—Feeling Blah in Boise

In a lighthearted yet informative format, those who are lab-lorn can learn how to rejuvenate their relationship with their lab by asking “Dear Labby,” and if you have a good partnership with the lab, understand how to get even more help and advice to build your business. What questions would you ask Dear Labby to make your own business better?