By Michael Mayers, O.D., FAAO

Promote Patient Safety by Calling for Robocall Elimination

It seems to happen all too often. Pick up the phone in the office, and it’s a contact lens prescription verification request that may need to be replayed more than once to be understood. The Health Care Alliance for Patient Safety notes, “Confirming the accuracy of contact lens prescriptions, which includes several specifications, is far too complicated for an automated phone system or robocall. Information relayed in these robocalls is oftentimes garbled or does not align with a patient’s medical record—making it difficult, or even impossible, for a doctor to correctly identify the patient and proper prescription within the eight-hour passive verification window.” This message from Johnson & Johnson Vision Care sends a glimmer of hope to eliminate this problem, but only if we all take action.

Dear Eye Health Advocates,

We are pleased to share this recent good news: the U.S. House of Representations and the Senate recently reintroduced the Contact Lens Prescription Verification Modernization Act (H.R.3353 / S.1784). This legislation will eliminate robocalls as a permissible form of verification for sellers, promoting a better paper trail for verification to encourage a more error-free contact lens prescription fulfillment process. Ultimately, the elimination of robocalls from contact lens prescription verifications will help keep contact lens patients safe and ensure they receive the exact lenses as prescribed by their eye care provider. 

Your elected officials need to hear from you about why they should support this bill, and the time to act is now. 

Reach out to your legislators to make your voice heard in support of the Contact Lens Prescription Verification Modernization Act.

As always, we remain committed to working by your side leading industry advocacy efforts supporting patient eye health and safety—including taking on robocalls.

Michael Mayers, O.D., FAAO
Director, U.S. Advocacy
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

Thomas Swinnen
President, North America
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.