May 2015 Business

What Is Your Story?

In a lot of ways, patients don't just buy eyeglasses anymore—they buy your business's story. That means companies must constantly refine their stories and present them in innovative ways.
April 2015 Business

Finding Our Future

Recently I was asked to speak to a group of 7th and 8th grade girls at a STEM awareness conference.
March 2015 Business

A Case Against the Medical Model in Optometry

Over the last two years or so you may have read countless articles or heard speakers discussing the attributes of the "medical model."
March 2015 Business

Buying Groups vs. Practice Management Groups: What Are You Getting?

Optical buying groups and practice management consultancies emerged decades ago; primarily to support independent eyecare practices going it alone against corporate retailers.
February 2015 Business

'I Object,' Part Three

The most common objections that opticians hear are about vision insurance. In particular, the benefit will not cover the cost of the eyecare solution.
February 2015 Business

'I Object,' Part Two

Selling is a process; it is teachable, repeatable, and measurable. It is a process for guiding an effective conversation in which both parties feel satisfied with the conclusion.
February 2015 Business

'I Object,' Part One

"Excuse me? These cost how much?" "But my insurance only covers $125, so I can't afford those."
January 2015 Business

Build Your Practice Brand With Key Social Media Sites

Many ODs today have Facebook accounts, and other social media accounts, for their personal use, but not yet for the benefit of their practice.
October 2014 Business

Customer Research on a Budget

We hear it again and again in retail: “It’s all about the customer;” “The customer is king;” “Connect with your customer.”
September 2014 Business

A Patient Recall Strategy That Works

Using our electronic records system, we ran a report to see how many current patients we have not seen back in the last three years.