June 2015 Business

Being a Cut Above The Rest; Using Products to Differentiate Your Practice

So, you want to be the best practice around, right? Of course you do. We all do. But what are you prepared to do to make that the case? Good question, right? Let me help you shed some light on a few answers you hadn’t considered.

May 2015 Business

Can Buying Groups be a Lifeline for Your Business?

Everyone knows there are many differences between box chain stores and private practices. How are they different?
May 2015 Business

What Is Your Story?

In a lot of ways, patients don't just buy eyeglasses anymore—they buy your business's story. That means companies must constantly refine their stories and present them in innovative ways.
April 2015 Business

Step It Up: Engage and Energize

Have you ever been frustrated at the lack of commitment or enthusiasm in your office?
April 2015 Business

Finding Our Future

Recently I was asked to speak to a group of 7th and 8th grade girls at a STEM awareness conference.
March 2015 Business

A Case Against the Medical Model in Optometry

Over the last two years or so you may have read countless articles or heard speakers discussing the attributes of the "medical model."
March 2015 Business

Buying Groups vs. Practice Management Groups: What Are You Getting?

Optical buying groups and practice management consultancies emerged decades ago; primarily to support independent eyecare practices going it alone against corporate retailers.
March 2015 Doing Good

Do Good and Receive Good

Just when you want to pull out your hair because it is so exhausting to deal with your patients' visual demands, the unexpected "Thank You" puts it all back into the right perspective.
February 2015 Business

Fundus Among Us

"You're not going to dilate my eyes, are you?"

I hear that at least once a day, every day. It's the fear response of the wary patient handing over his or her paperwork or making the way back to pretest, offered defensively or aggressively, a desperate plea for clemency from the optometric executioner.
February 2015 Business

'I Object,' Part Two

Selling is a process; it is teachable, repeatable, and measurable. It is a process for guiding an effective conversation in which both parties feel satisfied with the conclusion.

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