October 2013 In-office finishing

Compute the Benefits of an In-Office Finishing Lab

Brian Chou, OD, FAAO, of EyeLux Optometry in San Diego, describes how an in-office finishing lab provides the advantages of lens finishing with a faster turnaround time, lower cost, fewer redoes and better control over quality.
July 2013 In-office finishing

In-House Lens Fabrication: Compete Successfully With Large Optical Retailers

An in-house lens fabrication system enables the independent optometrist to compete with corporate eyecare retailers by offering parallel speed and convenience—with economics that favor your practice.
April 2013 In-office finishing

Polished Lens Edges, Friend or Foe?

Finishing lenses for semi-rimless and drilled rimless frames presents a unique issue. As an Optician, you are caught between choosing to polish or not to polish your lens edges, but have you stopped to consider both of your choices?
January 2013 In-office finishing

The 2013 Annual Resource Guide

The capabilities of the in-office laboratory grow more sophisticated each year. Dispensers are taking advantage of new technologies in tinting, edging, tracing, surfacing and even casting to produce high-performance lenses for their increasingly discriminating patients.
June 2012 In-office finishing

Gain a Competitive Advantage: Multiple Ophthalmic Lens Edgers

Having multiple ophthalmic lens edgers in house gives you an "edge" over competing optical retailers. You capture major cost savings—and provide patients with a wow factor when they get their new eyewear the same day as their exam.
November 2011 Lenses

What Exactly is Digital Surfacing?

According to Essilor, Digital Surfacing is a lens making process that removes the hard tooling limitations of traditional surfacing.

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