Welcoming Patients to Presbyopia

1. The Technology that provides better contrast in low light is
2. What percentage of presbyopes in the current US market wear PALs?
3. An appropriate frame for PAL use provides at least ___ mm above the FRP
4. The technology that ensures both eyes receive similar images in all directions of gaze is
5. At what distance from the eye do we typically hold smart phones?
6. PAL lens designers make an assumption of ___ mm of vertex
7. Varilux X Series PALs can expand the volume of clear vision
8. Lined bifocals account for ___ percent of all lenses sold in the US
9. A 1mm horizontal error in FRP placement can reduce the usable near zone of a +2.00 ADD PAL by
10. The PD should be measured with
11. The percent of active vision that occurs within arm's reach is
12. The current average age of PAL wearers in the US is
13. The primary reason for PAL non-adapts in the US is
14. Fitting height is measured down to
15. Millennials may notice signs of presbyopia at what age?
16. The approximate number of Americans who will become presbyopic in each of the coming years is
17. The near ADD in a PAL is verified by
18. What is the key driver for 91% of PAL wearers?
19. Fitting height is measured from this point downward
20. The ideal frame fit requires ___ degrees of wrap
Evaluation Questions
21. In questions 21-23 please rate the effectiveness of how well each course met the stated learning objectives: Met the stated learning objectives?
22. Avoided commercial bias/influence?
23. How would you rate the overall quality of the material presented?
24. How were you directed to this course?
25. Please describe the office in which you work.