The Real Details of Vertex, Tilt and Wrap

1. What are the common; assumed values used for vertex distance, wrap angle and Pantoscopic tilt in traditional progressives?
2. What measured value for Pantoscopic angle defines Retroscopic tilt?
3. What are three goals of optimized progressives lenses?
4. Wrap angle, vertex distance and Pantoscopic tilt are
5. Position of wear values are
6. Frame wrap angle is
7. Assumed POW values in traditional progressives are
8. Which value is most influenced by wearer posture?
9. Which POW value LEAST impacts the vision trifecta?
10. In progressives, the need to blend the reading corridor into the adjoining lens surface increases
11. Frame wrap angle is a value entered for
12. A frame front that is propellered will most directly impact the measurement of
13. The use of an actual frame tracing optimizes what in any type of progressive lens?
14. "Not hearing complaints" is an imprecise metric of
15. Because of online information access, consumers today are more ______ than ever
16. Pantoscopic Tilt is a value entered for
17. Unlearning a postural compensatory habit is most likely caused by needing
18. Perceptual adaptation to glasses is least influenced by
19. Progressive lens designer's place additional weighting on the performance of what lens zones?
20. Global optimization of the lens surface is most impacted by