Regenerative Medicine - Renewed Hope for Dry Eye Disease Treatment

1. This liquifies meibomian gland build up and cleans the glands.
2. This involves dysfunction of the integrated structures of the ocular surface.
3. This is dryness and inflammation of the cornea.
4. These treat inflammation and relieve swelling, pain, and redness.
5. Blink lagophthalmos is
6. This is dry eye that affects the cornea and conjunctiva.
7. This decreases swelling in the eye to allow for tear production.
8. This is an integrated system of the lacrimal glands, ocular surface, and lids with sensory and motor nerves.
9. This condition is caused by a failure of the lacrimal glands to produce enough watery fluid.
10. This is defined as replacing human cells, tissues, or organs to restore normal function.
11. This is the result of water evaporation from the ocular surface in situations of low aqueous tear flow.
12. This is poor quality of basal tears.
13. This occurs when a foreign antigen is attacked by the immune system causing a negative reaction.
14. This reduces tear drainage to facilitate tear retention.
15. This large group of proteins secreted by cells regulates inflammation.
16. This is the tear film's middle layer.
17. This is caused by meibomian gland dysfunction.
18. This is the basis for the efficiency of StimulEyes.
19. This spreads the watery layer of tears across the eye.
20. This is recognized as a chronic inflammatory disease.
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