PHOENIX - Proprietary Precision for Protection and Peace of Mind

1. Trivex material which was the first optical lens material to combine the best of _________ and thermosets into one unique material
2. In <em>thermoplastics</em>, the chains are independent of each other while thermosets
3. Combining thermoplastic and thermosets results in the following lens properties without compromising optical quality:
4. The following are two ways that Phoenix material outperforms polycarbonate:
5. Specific gravity is a measure of a lens:
6. Tensile strength is a measure of:
7. A measure of a lens materials robustness is the ability to withstand pressure. How much pressure can a Phoenix lens withstand?
8. Abbe value or 'V' value is a measure of the _______ of the colors of light a lens material.
9. Polycarbonate has an Abbe value of 30. What is the Abbe value of Phoenix?
10. What is the Abbe value of the eye?
11. Phoenix meets the same industrial safety standards as polycarbonate while being ___ times more impact resistant than plastic.
12. Phoenix Abbe value is a ___% improvement over polycarbonates Abbe value.
13. Lens materials with a low Abbe deliver poor peripheral vision due to lateral _______ _______.
14. Which of the following is the name for the ratio between the weight of the lens material and the reference substance?
15. Which of the following has an Abbe value of 30?
16. The ABBE value indicates the amount of this in a lens material:
17. Dispersion is when refracted light breaks into its component ________.
18. The name ABBE comes from:
19. Patients that should be targeted for Phoenix lenses are those that are active, have sight in one eye only and _____.
20. Combining Phoenix with a _____ lens is a perfect combination for drivers and anyone spending time outdoors because it protects from blinding glare and impact injury.
Evaluation Questions
21. In questions 21-23 please rate the effectiveness of how well each course met the stated learning objectives: Met the stated learning objectives?
22. Avoided commercial bias/influence?
23. How would you rate the overall quality of the material presented?
24. How were you directed to this course?
25. Please describe the office in which you work.