Blue Light Lenses- 5 Reasons for Rising Demand

1. A visual effect of the scattering of short-wavelength blue light:
2. The wavelengths identified as HEV blue light by a 2014 Review of Optometry article are :
3. Because the radiation intensity is inversely proportional to distance squared:
4. Blue light at night is perceived as ______ because the rod photoreceptors' peak sensitivity is blue.
5. Photochemical damage occurs when actinic light (UV and HEV blue) are absorbed by:
6. Which of the following would be of the least blue light concern for children?
7. Repeated sleep disruption, some studies report, can do all of the following except:
8. HEV blue-violet light disrupts cellular metabolism in the
9. At what age are the eyes susceptible to blue light damage?
10. Kodak Total Blue blocks___% or more of HEV Blue Light protection and provides 100% UVR protection:
11. The absence of long-wavelength beneficial blue light helps:
12. According to a study by Vision Direct, which surveyed 2,000 adults, the average screen time for smartphones daily is:
13. What is the pigment's name in the IpRGC photoreceptors activated by the long-wavelength blue light that suppresses Melatonin?
14. Actinic light is comprised of UVR and HEV blue light. Exposing the eye to excess actinic light can result in:
15. A child's eye can transmit up to ___% more UVR to their young vulnerable retina.
16. Limiting exposure to artificial blue light sources within _________ of bedtime is recommended.
17. Short wavelengths scatter inside our eye resulting in straylight that contributes to blurring, glare, loss of contrast and detail as well as:
18. Human melanopsin in our intrinsically photosensitive retina ganglion cells (ipRGCs) forms a pigment maximally sensitive to blue light, this wavelength of blue-turquoise light.
19. Artificial digital blue light exposure too close to bedtime activates the melanopsin in our intrinsically photosensitive Retinal Ganglion Cells (ipRGCs):
20. Which of the following is NOT one of the five reasons listed for the rise in demand for blue light lenses?
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