Creating an Experience

By Alessandro Baronti, CEO

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this program, the participant will:

  1. To understand assortment, merchandising and display and what each communicates to the patient consumer about your practice
  2. To understand how to curate the customer journey shaping their retail experience starting with an enticing window
  3. To understand the importance of providing a fully integrated digital (clicks) experience to enhance the customer in-store experience

Course Description

Today's consumers' shopping expectation has evolved from transaction-based to experience based. Your patient becomes a consumer; the moment they transition from the medical experience into the retail experience environment of your practice. And, as consumers, they want more from you. They want to have a memorable retail shopping experience. In this course, we will review the steps to create a curated retail journey that delivers a shopping experience that bonds the consumer to your practice.

This course addresses the evolving expectation of the patient visiting your practice. You consistently provide a great medical experience; it is now a patient expectation. But there is another side to your practice, and it is retail. It is here that patients become the consumer, and it is here that they now expect more. The consumer retail journey is highly experience and brand driven. We will discuss harnessing the power of brands, creating the perfect frame assortment, and visual and vignette merchandising. It's about providing your patient consumer with a memorable shopping experience journey. But even the best brands can have their power diluted with clutter and chaos and poor visual merchandising. We will review the steps to creating the right space for brand power to come to life. So, how do we do all of this? It sounds pretty complicated, sounds abstract, right? But allow me to walk you through step-by-step on how we can create an in-store retail experience that resonates with you, the patient consumer.

Faculty/Editorial Board:

Alessandro BarontiAlessandro Baronti serves as the President of De Rigo REM, the Los-Angeles based subsidiary of Italian eyewear manufacturer, De Rigo Vision. In his current role, Baronti is responsible for overseeing the entire American team with a key focus on driving growth, profit and sustainability for the business as well as developing and empowering the company's next generation of leaders. Baronti brings over 30 years of optical experience and a passion for education and training.

Credit Statement:

This course is approved for one (1) hour of CE credit by the American Board of Opticianry (ABO)1 hour, General Knowledge Education Course SWJHI027


This is a product spotlight CE supported by an educational grant from DE RIGO REM and JONES NEW YORK

This course has multiple parts.

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