A drone’s-eye view of the Zeiss facility

ZEISS VISION CARE has released a drone video of the company’s new Customer Experience Center and laboratory at its headquarters in Hebron, Ky., offering eyecare professionals and others the opportunity to discover the first-of-its-kind facility from the comfort of their phone or PC. The three-minute drone video “flies” viewers through the Customer Experience Center and offers an acrobatic behind-the-scenes journey through Zeiss’ newest state-of-the-art lab, with no visual breaks in the action. The video starts with showing a customer entering the store for an eye exam, then illustrating how lenses are created, packed and shipped. Zeiss is also offering a separate 360 degree virtual tour of the Hebron facility. The virtual tour gives guests a glimpse into the past, present and future of the Zeiss’ optical lens innovations. Website visitors can use their mouse or keyboard to navigate through the browser-based experience, clicking on different “hot spots” to learn more about the various components of the facility.

“While we welcome eyecare professionals to come visit our Northern Kentucky headquarters, we also understand that not everybody will be able to travel to see the facility in person. Because of this, we’ve created our first-ever 3D virtual tour and comprehensive drone video that shows our guests what the Zeiss Vision Care experience is all about,” says Jens Boy, president of Zeiss Vision Care North America. “We hope both eyecare professionals and others will come away having learned more about our advanced lens manufacturing processes and vision for the optical practice of the future.”

Eyecare professionals and others can watch the drone footage at the Zeiss Vision Care U.S. YouTube channel and the 360 degree virtual tour at experience.zeiss.com. These visual assets include in-depth information about Zeiss’ paperless optical laboratory, allowing viewers the chance to follow the complete manufacturing process from initial order to product shipment. The virtual journey also provides a look at the patient experience, including the consultation and comprehensive eye exam. Other hot spots give an overview of Zeiss’ unique heritage and the company’s other business units.

Visit 2020mag.com/video-village to take my exclusive tour and watch my interviews with Jens Boy and Andrew Hyncik, head of marketing at Zeiss Vision Care U.S., who explains how the Customer Experience Center can benefit eyecare professionals interested in developing a Zeiss branded practice.

–Andrew Karp