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Etnia Barcelona creates eyewear that’s simultaneously artistic and rebellious. The brand’s “Anartist” perspective and attitude influence its creative process, making its mark on each style that is designed. The collection follows trends with its own flair, leaving wearers with unique and beautifully crafted frames. This season, Etnia Barcelona introduces the concept of micro-sunglasses in warm colors that are available in either soft tinted or midnight lenses. Small metal frames feature mineral lenses in shades of pink, blue, yellow, gray and orange, as well as an anatomical bridge without nosepads. Each style is designed with a trendy, retro-futuristic flair that allows wearers to stand out from the crowd.

For additional information, visit or call (888) 553-8642.


Life is Good from The McGee Group has children’s eyewear needs covered this year—just in time for back to school. Featuring three new girls’ styles and two new frames for boys, the collection is durable, sized to fit and offers spring hinges. Life is Good aims to deliver children a reliable frame that adds style and fun into their back-to-school wardrobe through colorful designs. Shades of pink, aqua, mint and purple can be seen on the girls’ frames, which feature glitter as well as a lightweight look and feel. Boys will be looking cool this year in styles Elliot and Grayson, which feature stripes, simple shapes and easy-to-wear colors. Life is Good will have kids feeling comfortable and stylish all year long with the adorable optical frames they want and need.

For additional information, visit or call (800) 966-2020.


When it comes to eyewear customization, Thema – A Family Factory is at the forefront of design. Currently highlighting its newest patented technology, 3D Acetate is a revolutionary product created as a result of rapid innovation and creative minds. Not to be confused with 3D printed designs, this 3D cutting technique allows the frame to be cut from a cube constructed of multiple layers of acetate—creating a unique optical effect. Through the 3D cut, the frame is sculpted with face-form compared to a normal frame that is produced flat and must be heated in order to create the face form, which compromises its longevity. Customers can enjoy total freedom of choice in colors and measurements with the brand’s “on-demand” production, along with the knowledge that the 3D Acetate collection is 100 percent made in the U.S. This technology, which is biometrical ready, offers on demand production, no thermal bending or mechanical stress and infinite color combinations. Currently, Thema’s iGreen X and O-Six Cube collections offer 3D Acetate technology.

For additional information, visit or call (786) 803-8881.


Vari Eyewear introduces its ECP favored Thin Line Collection, declaring “thin is in” when it comes to designing classic plastic frames with a modern twist. Vari’s latest collection features four new frames that offer an updated version of classic designs, each with unique details of their own.

Styles VR13 and VR14 turn heads not only for their modern take on a retro style but for the ingenious screwless hinge design, artfully crafted rounded stainless-steel metal bridge and modified keyhole. Style VR15’s full front chassis and extended saddle bridge are designed for comfort and symmetry, while structured steel black temples add an edginess to this stylish play on a traditional shape. Like the entire collection, unisex style VR16 is extremely lightweight and offers a universal fit while stepping out in style with a rounded square shape and stainless steel temples in complementary colors.

All frames in the collection are manufactured using a proprietary TR-90 material, offering durability, flexibility, and the velvety feel and finish that is signature to the Vari lines. Frame and temple color combinations provide a refreshing look at the classics while pairing color with a tortoise pattern or trendy translucents in brown and crystal.

For additional information, visit or call (516) 570-2723.


Recognized for its use of eye-catching colors and specialized titanium production, Blackfin introduces new styles from its optical and sun collections. All frame fronts are crafted from pure Japanese titanium with beta-titanium temples that offer extreme light weight, flexibility and comfort. Shapes range from classic and conservative to statement pieces that complement but never overpower the wearer. Blackfin is the winner of several industry awards for its quality and comfortable frames.

For additional information, visit or call (877) 889-0399.


Fysh UK introduces its new 2018 collection, designed for strong, ambitious women who embrace individual style. Featuring a vast array of bold colors, intricate patterns and unique constructions and shapes, the collection focuses on mixed materials in deep earth tones finished with muted gold and rose gold hues. Metal accents such as double metal bridges, inlays and brow-line details are key design elements. Animal prints, glitter acetates, pearlized and multicolored acetates and hues reflecting the Pantone trends of the season also bring a new perspective to the collection. Whether it’s a CatEye or a sleek aviator, every style ensures an eye-catching and glamorous look for every confident woman who wears it.

For additional information, visit or call (855) 455-0042.