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Since 1956, Carrera has been driven by its daring attitude and cutting-edge design, becoming a beacon brand for those who don’t follow the crowd but lead it. The collection strategy is divided into three different product concepts: Flag, Signature and Active. The Signature collection combines classic shapes and craftsmanship with a dash of urban attitude and focuses on the flair of metal details with defined acetates. New to the Signature collection is optical style 286 PJP, which offers a contemporary rectangular shape in light injected polyamide, enhanced by metal trim on the lugs as well as by a new interpretation of the GRID concept. The Flag collection pushes the boundaries of design to the highest peaks of distinctiveness and is inspired by the utmost iconic and recognizable details of Carrera. The Active collection is the interpretation of the brand’s roots in sports with a focus on perfect fit and lightweight construction that supports the needs of those with an active lifestyle. Rectangular optical style 8868 features a unique combination of durability, comfort and contemporary appeal with acetate rims and Carrera’s innovative temples rendered with beta-titanium. Style CARDUC 010 is the sportiest model of the new Carrera | Ducati collection. Distinguished by the large square frame and aerodynamic design of the temples, this style also features innovative rubber inserts, co-branded Carrera and Ducati styling, and is intended for a perfect fit under motorbike helmets.

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Since its launch in 1993, kate spade new york has always stayed true to its promise: optimistic femininity, sunny sensibility, thoughtful design, and a modern sophisticated use of color and prints which define a unique style synonymous with joy. kate spade new york is a celebration of women across generations and time zones. A woman who wears femininity with pride, her spontaneity and love for life makes her exciting to be around. The eyewear collection is highly recognizable due to its feminine aesthetic, iconic design, dedicated patterns, colorful treatments and the exclusive spade logo. The spring/summer 2022 optical collection exudes feelings of lightness through beautiful crystal colorways accented with rich jewel tones, and joy through the use of fun shapes and pops of floral and stripe accents. Style Zahra is the perfect spring frame with beautiful gradient colorways and an easy upswept shape. Style Tailynn features enamel colorblocking with the iconic spade logo, and fun prints and colors. Style Zeena/G is a unique frame constructed from lightweight metal and rich enamel detailing on the temples and front.

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Shamir’s Glacier Expression™

These past few years have driven us to work and connect more through a digital space. While still maintaining all the benefits of Glacier PLUS™, Glacier Expression™ has revolutionized the definition of anti-reflective coatings. Shamir recognized our screen times have increased in our daily lives, and no one has really addressed the distractions of our digital world that may cause a disconnect; for example, lighting, screen reflections, glares, etc. Until now. Glacier Expression™ is a high quality anti-reflective coating with an amazing signal to noise ratio that allows wearers to See Better, Look Better, Feel Better and Connect Better!

A technological breakthrough, this all-new AR coating raises the signal-to-noise ratio—a balance that defines how well a wearer sees in relation to nearby visual noise—and lowers that noise level. This is important because when increased, that ratio, also known as SNR, helps decrease eye strain and fatigue, and increase the comfort level of the wearer’s visual acuity.

In recent conducted case studies with eyecare professionals, participants reported a dramatic increase in clarity compared to other AR coatings on the market today. The results? Of course, wearers can see more clearly, but they are also able to build better connections with minimal distraction from the glare of devices, light and other visual background noise.

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