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Sanford Hutton has been pushing the eyewear envelop of creativity forEVER. Want to take a step into the future? Follow the colorful and bountiful beat of his adventures of COLOR... in... OPTICS.


Hi-tech Hatched Here

From top: COLUMBIA Eriksson from L'Amy America; NAUTICA 6393 from Marchon Eyewear; MARC ECKO Scrambler from ClearVision Optical

Welcome to the Side Show

From top: MAX STUDIO 119Z from Zyloware; KONISHI KL3621 from Clariti Eyewear; EXCES MONTAGE 5002 from Eastern States Eyewear; ADRIENNE VITTADINI 1128 from Match Eyewear

What Beautiful Lashes You Have

Metal can be as sexy as a well-flicked makeup lash, and what woman doesn't want the perfect flirt with her frame? Lafont uncovers the secrets of ALL women.

MAJESTE from Lafont

Let Us Give it to You Striated

We're far beyond the world of tortoise here as new combinations of blacks and grays in a striated blend can make any NY Fashion Week runway star weak with envy.

CINZIA 5015 from Europa International

Eyewear's Classic Combine of Zyl and Metal Anew

From top: MICAH from Spy Optic; CRUZ Canal St. from A&A Optical

Color and Combo Interest at EVERY Angle

From top: BUFFLE DEUX from Sama; PERRY ELLIS 332 from Eyewear Designs

Club Chair

Already beginning to think that clubmaster trend is growing whiskers? Think again as Oakley proves the combination of brow-to-rim can be both modern and bold with more than enough clever room for a discrete logo.

OAKLEY 1090 from Oakley

A Brush with Beauty

True luxury fanatics insist on fine burnishing these days: Flat black Bentleys, brushed rose gold Rolexes, deluxe/dulled silver bangles and full metal frames with the luster of leisure.

BURBERRY 1254 from Luxottica

Metal Health

From top: LIGHTEC 7237L from Morel; MENIZZI 3039 from Menizzi Eyewear; ADIDAS 696 from Silhouette

Semi-Rimless... Fully Precious

From top: DIOR 0186 from Sàfilo USA; TAKUMI 936 from Aspex Eyewear; LUCKY BRAND Coastal from Rem Eyewear

Wood You Dare?

If you are Teka, and you have a taste for the exotic, OF COURSE you WOOD.

TEKA 144 from Teka Eyewear

Mix WHAT... with... WHAT?

Just a scant few years ago, there were color combinations that would send eyeballs and faces directly into the arms of... contact lenses. Not these days, and ProDesign ventures, unfazed, with color combos that lure with allure.

4TH DIMENSION 4689 from ProDesign Denmark

Infinitely Club Mastered

From top: ALTAIR 4028 from Altair Eyewear; ORIGINAL PENGUIN "The Wayne" from Kenmark Group; EDDIE BAUER 8316 from New York Eye; HICKEY FREEMAN Kingston from Signature Eyewear

The Insertion of (Metal) Genius

See that hint of malleable metal encased in the zyl? It is the secret to a fit beyond perfection.

SERAPHIN Berkley from Ogi Eyewear

Can Eye See Something in SILVER and GOLD?

From top: CAVIAR 1669 from Ultra Palm Optical; TITANIUM 12076 from Charmant Group

Club Exclusives

From top: BECKY 2518 from Bevel Specs; MATSUDA 3025 from Matsuda Eyewear; GUESS BY MARCIANO 199 from Viva International Group