Jillian Urcelay: Can you describe the unique features and design details that can be seen in your spring/summer release?
Wes Stoody: The new SS22 collection consists of nine new models that add a tremendous amount of variety to the Article One collection while also continuing the same aesthetic throughout the brand. As a minimalist and subtle brand, we are able to show unique attention to detail through carefully crafted and timeless frames. This is accomplished by adding bevels, steps and sculpting to these classic acetate shapes. Also, as a brand with a small collection, we paid special attention to adding sizes that were previously missing from our overall collection, which means we did add a few (much needed) 56 eye sizes.

What direction is the brand taking in the future in terms of both its focus and frame design?
Our mission is to create heirloom eyewear that becomes part of your story. That means when designing our frames, we set out to create a timeless shape that can stand the test of time. Along with that, we are constantly striving to improve every detail of our production process so that our frames truly become heirloom pieces. We dream of a grandchild finding a pair of Article Ones in a desk drawer 40 years from now and excitedly wearing them because the frames are still cool.

What do you believe sets Article One apart from its competitors?
I believe the main aspect that sets Article One apart from other eyewear brands is our complete dedication to authenticity and vulnerability. We accomplish this primarily through our storytelling, where we focus our lens on authentic stories and open vulnerable subjects that inspire us as people. We bring this passion for authenticity into our product design to create eyewear we can identify with as people.

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