Jillian Urcelay: How would you describe the new Active styles, and how do they differ from the main Article One collection?
Wes Stoody: With our newest lineup of Active sunglasses, we have continued to lean into a style-first focus of design for these technical sport frames. We want to see high fashion functioning at high speed. The design inspiration of our core optical collection informs our perspective on the Active collection and vice versa. So the only real difference between our Active styles and our core optical collection are the materials and technical components used to make the Active frames functional in sport.

In what ways has your eyewear line grown and changed over the past few years?
Over the last year, we have added 22 models to our core optical collection, with each addition taking our collection into a more timeless, minimalist, trend-independent direction. We have also leaned into the development of our Active collection with five new models this summer and more to come.

What can Article One fans be on the lookout for in 2023?
We will be releasing eight new models in spring 2023 along with (you heard it here first!) launching our Active Optical collection, which brings the technical components of our Active collection to our classic optical shapes. 

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