By Maryann Santos

Who is the visionary in your office? Can you identify a person who can inspire change while taking others along on a journey of improvement? This individual needs to be aware of what’s happening in our industry, identify unmet needs and forge a path to solve issues in new ways. One does not have to be a manager, a director, an owner or a boss to be a visionary. Leaders in our industry, managers of an office, or district or regional managers identify and project their ideas to make the workplace better, but what I’m trying to convey is that we all can be visionaries in our positions at work.

Who Will Be the 2020 Visionary?
Here we are in 2019, and less than one year away is the year of the optician, optometrist, and ophthalmologist. The year 2020 holds such opportunity for each and every one of us! We have the opportunity to encourage people to have their eyes examined, to update their eyewear, promote eye health awareness and to be fitted with a new contact lens modality. This is the year to bring awareness to the three Os.

At the College
The Vision Care Technology program at Goodwin College in Connecticut will start preparing for 2020 during the summer semester in 2019. Students will have the opportunity to plan out ideas to serve the student body, staff, faculty and the community at large.

Planning is Necessary
2019 is the year of planning. What is your office doing in preparation for 2020? What is your vision of what 2020 can look like? There are so many things we can do, such as unique trunk shows, using social media more effectively, or getting involved in the community such as the Lions Club or another civic organization, or even regular participation in a local health and wellness fair.

What are your “big picture” ideas? Get a notebook, or use your electronic device to begin your brainstorming session. What potential do you see for 2020? Once you come up with some ideas to showcase our profession to the public, your next job is to inspire others in your circle of influence. If you have the ideas, but you’re not the person to take it to the next step, identify who is, and have a cup of coffee with them, sharing your ideas and inspiring them to take it to the next level. All it takes is one person to start the momentum for an amazing 2020 for all of us!