Photographed by ANASTASIA GARCIA
Still Life Photographed by NED MATURA

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JACQUES DURAND Curva 10 from Gramercy Eyewear

From left: PERSOL Francis 3332-S from EssilorLuxottica; BINTI from Barton Perreira

From left: WAUGH from Morgenthal Frederics; NATHALIE BLANC Violette from Ultimate Vision

From top: MATSUDA M3023 from Matsuda; TURNBULL from Blake Kuwahara

SAILOR from l.a.Eyeworks

From top: NEW YORK from Lafont; PHILIPP PLEIN Plein Icon VPP114 from De Rigo Rem; SILHOUETTE L005 from Silhouette; ALLIDY from Gotti Switzerland


Forgo any previous conceptions of what you deem as Luxury Eyewear. No singular segment of eyewear has gone through a greater evolution in these past two decades. What was once the property of fine jewelry with its gems and precious metals is now an arena of craftsmanship and deluxe materials at the max but filtered through the modern concept of what it means to be an independent thinker on the road to leadership, refinement, creative boldness, subtle accenting, and a sense of fulfillment and commitment on the part of the eyewear, the retailer AND the customer.

Luxury eyewear is not for everyone. Cost must be a considered and respected factor. But that cost must be backed by a deep focus and concern and care from both the eyewear vendor and dispenser. Don’t go here looking to skimp. This is that ultimate accessory with facets ever-so brilliant, but those facets need to be continually respected, refined and reinforced by… you. Study the quality of the material. Scrutinize the fit. Acclimate yourself to the modern stance this new definition of luxury entails. No task here will be easy, but the rewards can be bliss.

Luxury Eyewear is no longer some offshoot of fine jewelry. That was a “follower” approach. Luxury Eyewear is now, with high regard both inside and outside optical, that powerful and staunchly independent thought of what it means to be both modern and classical all at once. Reach out high. It will be there for you and those you be-spec.

–James J. Spina