Still Photography: NED MATURA

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Modern Metallics

Time to greet the next wave of metal—slim profile, flat surface, daring color. —Patrisha Holly Zabrycki

From top: FRANCIS from l.a. Eyeworks; SHIFT from theo Eyewear; ACE 8657 from Bevel Specs

Masters of Specs

Rimless and semi-rimless put the focus on superb lens quality, and that means proper finishing and coating. —Patrisha Holly Zabrycki

From top: OGA 72980 from Morel; SILHOUETTE 5402 from Silhouette

Classically Shaped

Navigator, aviator and pilot shapes are steadily staying prevalent while adding new fine touches of luxe materials. —Victoria Garcia

From top: BMW 6510 from Aspex Eyewear; LEIF from SALT. Optics

Clear and Present Embellishment

Translucent zyl striated with earthy hues from green to amber AND a beveled edge elegantly dressed with small-scale crystals...fresh ways to indulge in style. —Patrisha Holly Zabrycki

From top: STANWIX from Norman Childs Eyewear; CAVIAR 6173 from Ultra Palm Optical

Tech Meets Luxe

Temple technology gracefully eases its way into luxe sunwear with articulate hinge details. Clever folding also abounds. —Victoria Garcia

From top: PRODESIGN 8627 from ProDesign Denmark; CHOPARD 135 Mille Miglia from De Rigo Vision USA

Simple Shades

Deluxe dark hues deliver a subtle and sophisticated quality to luxury sunwear. —Victoria Garcia

From top: ROBERT GRAHAM Quentin from Revolution Eyewear; KING BABY Kashmir from Mondottica USA; DAVID YURMAN 648 from Legacie/The Luxury House of B. Robinson Optical