To help ECPs stay up to date on the latest lens style trends, TRANSITIONS OPTICAL created style materials that provide tips for finding the style in eyewear and merchandising their office space to better display eyewear options to patients.
  • Lens Style Guide PDF: Authored by Transitions Change Agents Sheena Taff and Darryl Glover, OD, the Lens Style Guide gives ECPs a step-by-step look at how to talk to patients about the latest trends in eyewear, how to pair frames and lenses, and how to display eyewear in their practice.
  • Style One-Page Handout: This tool provides a shortened version of the Lens Style Guide to give ECPs the basics for creating a stylish eyecare and eyewear practice.
  • Style Brainshark: Sheena Taff gives an overview of the style ABO Course—helping ECPs learn about the latest trends in eyewear fashion and create a practice that emphasizes the stylish aspect of not just frames, but lenses too.
  • Style Social Media Posts: The social media posts provide style-focused material that ECPs can share on their practice accounts.
These style resources are available for download at

–Andrew Karp