Photographed by BLEACHER + EVERARD

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Onward Christian…

No one… let’s repeat that… NO ONE personifies Our Eyewear in creativity, concept and consideration with a strong sense of independence and class better than Christian Roth. This frame from Christian Roth and Eric Domege is eyewear heritage with a past, a present and a HUGE future.

FLY GIRL from Christian Roth

The Highline

Take an elite stroll along the top of this precious frame as it raises a brow and takes a richly deserved bow. This one is Baum to please.

LEISURE SOCIETY Rodrigues from Baumvision

From left: TUDOR from Spy Optic; EVATIK 9092 from WestGroupe; EVOLUTION A4501 from Altair Eyewear; HELIUM PARIS 4238 from Match Eyewear; SURFACE 311 from Rem Eyewear

FUTURA 4068 from Silhouette

Insertion Order

As if this precious and artistic figure-8 bridge detail wasn’t enough, the insertion of an infusion of fabric detailing takes this Ogi eyewear deep into the realm of art framing eyes.

EVOLUTION 4303 from Ogi Eyewear

From top: CAZAL 951 from Eastern States Eyewear & Ultra Palm Optical; MATSUDA10611H from Matsuda Eyewear

PERSOL 9649-V from Luxottica

From left: REFLECTIONS 759 from i-dealoptics; SCOTT HARRIS 315 from Europa International; TC CHARTON LOW & WIDE FIT Walter from Prologue Vision; ECO Amazon from Modo; AVA from Sama; ROUGH JUSTICE Foxy from Signature Eyewear


Translucence comes in many shapes and forms in eyewear these days. Here two very different approaches achieve equally illuminating results.

From left: TEKA 432 from Teka Eyewear; GEEK 119L from LBI Eyewear

From top: 4TH DIMENSION 4701 from ProDesign Denmark; ZIGGY by Cendrine O. 1459 from Zig Eyewear; GARZA from l.a. Eyeworks; ALPHA 3024 from Alpha Viana

As the Owl Might Say:

Who? Mykita… of course.

MYKITA LITE Priska from Mykita

From top: LEGENDS R608 from Tura; MENIZZZI 3047 from Menizzi Eyewear

From left: MAGIC CLIP 423 from Viva; REVT104 from Revolution Eyewear; TAKUMI 937 from Aspex Eyewear; CABLE TEMPLE COLLECTION Spiel from Moscot Eyewear; BROOKS from Garret Leight California

Honey Do

SPECulating what could ever be beyond tortoise? Could be amber that’s making the most striking eyewear tone-poem these days.

From left: MARC HUNTER 7296 from New York Eye; SANFORD HUTTON 1013 Panther II from Colors in Optics

Horning In

That elusive striated toning effect so distinctive to classic horn frames sees new life as a company with a proud Our Eyewear heritage accents that optical tradition in a zyl style with a frame and collection dedicated to global appeal. Now THAT’s perfect VISION.

VISION’S AsianFIT Collection 208A from L’Amy America

From left: LIANA from Maui Jim; CHAINLINK from Oakley; AGON from Rudy Project; OZLO from Kaenon; KNIFE from Wiley X Eyewear

From left: PURITI 301 from ClearVision Optical; JALAPENOS Applause by A&A Optical; ELASTA 3096 from Sàfilo Group; OGA 74140 from Morel; KONISHI FLEX 8421 from Clariti Eyewear

Photo on left from top: Layla 8661 from Bevel Specs; MARY JANE from Barton Perreira; ABBE 1153T from Oliver Peoples

Photo on right from top: TOTALLY RIMLESS 206 from The McGee Group; INVINCILITES Sigma-E from Zyloware; LINEART XL2052 from Charmant Group

World Class Flight

From New York City (Marchon) to Paris, Our Eyewear always delivers First-Class style. Here: Lafont delivers a carbon-fibered solution for women with a tech lightness and beguiling detailing while Marchon proves that simple will never fade… and they do it with a classic optical fade.

From left: MARCHONYC Downtown Parsons from Marchon Eyewear; NANTUCKET from Lafont