20/20: Why did Morel choose now to launch a new sunwear collection?
Tom Castiglione: As Morel has evolved and grown, our customers have become more committed to the brand than ever before. This sunglass launch is a result of a demand from our clients for an independent sunwear collection that offers comfort, performance and of course, the creative designs Morel is known for. Launching at Vision Expo East was naturally the best timing we could imagine.

When was the last time that Morel had such a full and dedicated sunwear line?
This is Morel’s first foray into a fully dedicated sunwear segment in the United States. While we’ve had models within collections from time to time, never have we put together such a comprehensive offer. This is part of what makes the release so exciting for us.

What do you hope customers gain from this new sunwear collection?
A dedicated sun collection is something customers have been anxiously awaiting from Morel for quite some time. It’s a segment we are confident in exploring today. We’ve taken our core design philosophy of maximizing comfort and style, and applied it to these models, from friction-reducing OBE, nylon-coated screws to CR39 polarized 4-base lenses with anti-reflective coating. Just as they have done with our ophthalmic models, our customers can rest assured they will look and feel their best in these sunglasses.

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