20/20: How did the partnership with (RED) come to be?
Tom Castiglione: We have been a part of several collaborations in recent years. We wanted to find a company to work with that had a purpose—not just for the sake of making eyewear but promoting a good cause. Our team came together to discuss collaborating with an organization with a solid contribution to society, which led us to (RED).

What do you hope this partnership brings to your customers?
The world is a small place, and each of us is responsible for maintaining it. Wherever we may find our passion for helping, we all have an obligation to offer support in any way we can. If every one of us could do something to make the world a better place, it certainly will be a better place! In addition to promoting a good cause, we felt a strong desire to form a partnership that could be fun—something that can bring joy to others. We hope retailers can feel the same sense of pride selling the product as we do working with (RED) to design it—and that they can bring that level of optimism to their customers.

What was the design process like for (MOREL)RED?
When you think of the word “collaboration,” (MOREL)RED is a prime example of that. Our U.S., French and (RED) teams came together to create a product with purpose and character. Everyone was actively engaged, and it truly felt rewarding to create something that feels so alive. A mix of vibrant colors and our signature cat logo in parentheses on the end tips combines key elements of both the MOREL and (RED) brands. We are always striving to create something cohesive, exciting and easy to wear.

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