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GUESS 9192 from Marcolin

FARFELU from Lafont

Less than half (44 percent) of ECPs reported an increase of plastic frames and one third (29 percent) reported a decrease of metal frames versus five years ago.

From left: LILLY PULITZER Mercer Mini from Kenmark Eyewear; STEVE MADDEN Cecellia from ClearVision Optical; MARCHON NYC JUNIOR M-Brookfield Mini from Marchon Eyewear; DISNEY Princess 906ES from Pan Oceanic

One third (33 percent) of ECPs stated promotions were the most helpful in selling eyewear to children.

From top: TED BAKER B976 from Tura; SUPERFLEX KIDS 232 from WestGroupe; MILO & ME 85031 from Hilco Vision; NIKI NICOLE MILLER Lulu from L’Amy America

ECPs stated they were most satisfied with current options on the market for teens (85 percent) and tweens (94 percent).

From top: VERA BRADLEY Luna from The McGee Group; DB4K Katie from Europa International

RAY-BAN 9052S from Luxottica

ECPs rated durable construction as the most important factor in selling eyewear to infants and toddlers (ages 0 to 3), kids (ages 4 to 8) and tweens (ages 9 to 13) with 95 percent, 91 percent and 77 percent rating it very important, respectively.

From top: FILA VF9460 from De Rigo Rem; CROCS JUNIOR 6063 from A&A Optical; RIP CURL 4005 from SD Eyes; CARRERA 2020T from Safilo

The trending data shown in this feature is sourced from 20/20’s Children’s Eyewear MarketPulse Survey 2020.

Do the Math…

And the Science.

And the Health and Social Studies.

Our lives and our futures are in the hands and eyes of our children.

Now is not the time to neglect our missive to nurture and protect the eyes of our destiny.

Be vigilant. Be aggressive in addressing all of their needs.

Keep their eyes and their possible need for eyewear paramount.

With that in mind… some suggestions for Children’s Eyewear.

–James J. Spina