Jillian Urcelay: What are the optical styles in the latest Pure Eyewear collection crafted from, and how are they sustainable?
Thomas Burkhardt: The latest collection from Pure has six new optical styles, featuring eyewear made from 45 percent Plant-Based Resin. Plant-Based Resin is made from castor bean oil, a cleaner alternative to standard petroleum-based plastics. Castor plants are harvested for their beans, oil is pressed from the beans, which turns into pellets, which are then melted and injected into frames. With this collection, Pure offers strong, light and durable quality frames made easier on the planet.

Why was it important for Marchon to incorporate these plant-based resin styles into the Pure collection?
Marchon has been committed for some time to identifying and incorporating new materials into our eyewear manufacturing process that are better for our planet. However, in the past that often meant compromising on quality and or higher prices for the consumer.

But the technology around more sustainable materials has improved significantly over the years. Plant-Based Resin is a good example of that, it is now a premium material with competitive costs, so it makes sense for Marchon to use it across our portfolio. We are excited to give customers the option of shopping for more sustainable eyewear in a brand like Pure.

Can you describe the look and feel of this collection as a whole? Why should consumers choose Pure?
Pure is unlike other eyewear brands, offering unique frames paired with a clean, minimalist aesthetic. Featuring easy-to-wear shapes, classic colorations and subtle design details, the new collection elevates the eyewear experience for customers by offering sleek, simple, lightweight frames that Pure is known for—now with a sustainable angle.

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