Still Life Photographed by NED MATURA

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FURLA SFU456 from De Rigo Rem

GUESS ORIGINALS 8233 from Marcolin

ALMAGRO 21 from Etnia Barcelona

SANDRO 6022 from Mondottica USA

HELIX from Wiley X

REVOLUTION EYEWEAR Odessa from ImageWear

Keep your friends close but keep your friends who understand Sunwear even closer.

Eyewear vendors have been onto the secret of hosting sunwear in the mix of eyewear for years now. Sun specs are the perfect enhancer on a variety of fronts from tech strength through to the secret formula of a sunglass as being the perfect step for building an eyewear wardrobe.

Reaching out to our 20/20 source of partnerships, the Sun Aficionados on the following pages delivered their passion for their sunwear as a perfect step to enriching consumers looking to do their eyes and their sense of style a favor.

Spec up on sun right along with them as we have.

–James J. Spina