Photographed by BLEACHER + EVERARD

Still Life Photographed by NED MATURA

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Every great face is truly art deserving the ultimate in framing. As always: Missive accomplished.

CASTANET from l.a.Eyeworks

Fade to Glory

Only the subtlest color mastery can hold such confident frame fading. Proof positive that Lafont is the ultimate colorist.

HAVANE from Lafont

Fine Lines Defined

Think of it as a delicate yet determined signature of where the slightest metal can take eyewear to a heavenly place.

BRENDEL 922073 from Tura

My Baby Blue

Likely that no color other than blue deserves accolades for its many shades, and this spec from Blake seems to deliver an infinite blissful variety.

BLAKE KUWAHARA 1004 from Blake Kuwahara

Orange You Tortoise So Well

Nothing shy here for sure.

THE “KENNEDY” from Etnia Barcelona

From left: STATE X JAPAN Kinzie from State Optical; MAISON MARGIELA 013 from Mykita

So Well Rounded

These sensational sisters stand proud and face a new day anew way.

COCO AND BREEZY Pram from ESE Eyewear

Double Up

Taking just a bit more stretch and space between the brow bars, this takes a classic men’s fave and gives it a new rave.

TLG NU048 from L’Amy America

From left: POLICE Lewis22 SPLC50 from De Rigo Rem; KINI KINI from Maui Jim

PERSOL 3250-8 from Luxottica

A Sweeping Stripe Zone

This could well be the statement sun piece for the upcoming summer season.

JACQUES DURAND Quai Suffren from Gramercy Eyewear

MILLA from Gotti Switzerland

Eye Really Lite That

So pure… So… PURE.

PURE 3010 from Marchon Eyewear

From left: OGA 10152O from Morel; SYDNEY OPERA from Bevel Specs; PARADIGM 21-04 from Kenmark Eyewear; FYSH 3671 from WestGroupe

TEKA 4132 from Teka Eyewear

From top: CARBON from ic! berlin; SILHOUETTE 5532 from Silhouette

Bridge Builder

One of the most iconic eyewear bridges forever reinvents itself. All roads to empowered bridges lead here.

CARRERA Safari65 from Safilo


The Independent Eyewear arena is always a celebration for 20/20. And although this May issue focuses on the power of both Independent Vendors AND Independent Retailers, this scenario runs deep through every issue and nearly every stance we take.

A person’s eyewear is VERY personal.

It is intensely so from both a health, lifestyle and self-perception POV.

And that factor plays to the very existence of this publication from inception and into our future… and yours… and your valued customers.

And if you put this attitude into the context of the global changes in this past year, you likely come to the conclusion that thinking and acting Independently has taken on extreme new meanings.

People have become empowered in new and dramatic ways. And their eyewear needs are “zooming” along in that same gallop of freedom.

The new responsibilities are tremendous.

The new way of looking at ourselves and others has done a shape shift.

And eyewear is increasingly a vital part of that new direction.

So look here with a new sense of what it takes to declare Independence.

–James J. Spina