Still life Photographed by NED MATURA

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Mystic Eyes

Eyewear looks to a future of infinite potential and possibilities as guided by the visionary art of Christian Roth.

CHRISTIAN ROTH 401 from Christian Roth

BABY MELT from l.a.Eyeworks

FALANA from Barton Perreira

MARNI 2111 from Marchon Eyewear

JACQUES DURAND Ponza XL from Gramercy Eyewear

ANGKOR WAT 2544 from Bevel Specs

AMANDA from Orgreen Optics

SILHOUETTE 5534 from Silhouette

STATE X JAPAN Nara from State Optical

OMEGA 5013 from Marcolin

MYKITA LEICA 01 from Mykita

GAULOISE from Lafont

LOEWE 40053U from Thelios

VERA WANG Lise from Kenmark Eyewear

OGA 10142O from Morel

DALEY from Gotti Switzerland

JIMMY CHOO Goldy/S from Safilo

FACE A FACE Flash 2 from Design Eyewear Group

DEREK LAM 292 from Modo


JOLIE from Etnia Barcelona

GAUDI from Blake Kuwahara

MIU MIU SMU 61V from Luxottica

MATSUDA 3097 from Matsuda

You know them by their style. It is eyewear exquisite with a look at once classic, timeless and future-forward. These are specs set with the distinct and rightful purpose of making a luxurious spectacle of presence on the face of the dedicated follower of fulfillment.

The creators of such glasses know the usual limits and yet exceed those barriers near daily in a quest for perfection… in a nearly always unsatiated hunt for creative expression.

The path to this quest for the ultimate accessory is elevated via zyl colorations and metal striations in ever-new looks and combinations, and attitudes held in awe by other product designers in so many other arenas.

Artists such as Christian Roth, Blake Kuwahara, Gai Gherardi, Barbara McReynolds, David Duralde, Jeff Press, Patty Perreira, James Kisgen, Nico Roseillier and choice others in this royal enclave of creative ambition strive to catch the eye for the sake of the eye.

And may we highlight and present the fashionable designer and lifestyle eyewear and sunwear that also strive to fulfill these dreamscapes within venerated brands honored by so many select consumers looking to satisfy with trusted names rich in a variety of proven heritages.

Take a moment to luxuriate. Take a look at the craft of optical masters.

Study and carefully select what works right for you and what works right for those you serve. Set your trends by what you experience on these feature pages.

This is eyewear that is magical. This is eyewear that is mystical. Welcome to the world of The Opti Mystics.

–James J. Spina