Photographed by DANIEL MATALLANA
Still Life Photographed by NED MATURA

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Classic keynotes of round with a “vintage foil look” makes for a smart work of art.

SCOTT HARRIS VINTAGE V-61 from Europa Eyewear

Charcoal Soul

Brushing black for a muse/music view.

BLACKFIN Wanderlust 1010 from Villa Eyewear

Havana Blush

The sway of pale pink surprises this otherwise tortoise winged rectangle.

TALLULAH from l.a.Eyeworks

Wild Blue Wonder

Aviation with a glance to the sky-blue slim rim.

OTP 166 from WestGroupe

Shell Game

With cat peaks of yellow and a blush to its lower frame face, tortoise then takes a unique centered profile.

BAUHAUS from OGI Eyewear

Rimless Renewed

Get ready for a surge of rimless styles and the new minimal way to look ever so right.

TOTALLY RIMLESS Quattro from The McGee Group

FLEXON H6065 from Marchon Eyewear

High Browed

Silhouette regal with a capping on this semi-rimless sun fest.

SARRIA 8189 from Silhouette

JACQUES DURAND Iki from Gramercy Eyewear

Bred, Right and… Blue

L’Amy steps forward with an American crafted in the best of blues.

SEVEN.FIVE Knox from L’Amy America

Pick the Top Two

Crystal green greets a solid round of applause.

COCO AND BREEZY Earth from ESE International

Confetti Celebration

Voila… Independence forever dazzled by the colorful festivities of Lafont. Those color flecks are made from recycled Lafont bio-based acetate!

MONACO from Lafont

From top: PARADIGM Julian from Kenmark Eyewear; KEITH from Andy Wolf Eyewear; SANFORD HUTTON Lenox CS388 from Colors in Optics

From left: AVALON from Article One; LYCHEE from Maui Jim; DOSHI from Blake Kuwahara

From top: BENNIE from Barton Perreira; TURA BRILLIANCE TE285 from Tura

From top: LIGHTEC 30309L from Morel; COCO SONG Love Generation from Poets Eyewear; C-ZONE 1234 from SD Eyes

From top: MEA from ic! berlin; CARRERA 3013 from Safilo; STRAK AMSTERDAM A2-2 from Teka Eyewear

From top: THE MONARCH from Morgenthal Frederics; ILLA Giulia from ClearVision Optical; BLOOM OPTICS Betty from Mondottica USA; MODO 695 from Modo

From top: PROSPERO 8007 from Bevel Specs; PRODESIGN DENMARK Aros-1 from Design Eyewear Group

The growing power and confidence of Independent Vendors AND Independent Retailers continues fueled by commitment, energy and surges of creativity. And all players in this Independent Arena are discovering new ways to collaborate and grow. It’s rooted in deep traditions and an ever-ongoing vision to do it with a distinct and individual sense of identity. The stand for this sort of stake in the future of optical remains staunch and secure here at 20/20. We’ve been making this declaration of support for Independents since the inception of this magazine nearly 50 years ago. That’s how we see it now and in our united futures.

–James J. Spina