Christian Roth and Eric Domege took the virtual incident of a Zoom meeting to new depths for their ad campaign photographed by Alexander DiGenova. Fueled by a rethinking of the counterculture that engulfed NYC in the 1980s, Roth tapped into DiGenova’s muse tendered by isolation and revolution. With Roth and Domege “Zooming” from Miami, the photographer pulled together a circle of friends at his LA apartment as tension turned to creativity. The resulting story plays to a gathering of young rebels with a cause. “Early ’80s New York matters today. We still feel the creative energy, strivings and tensions of those years. For us it was the gateway to live our dreams and to express our identities,” recalls Roth. Let these postage-sized instances of the photo shoot inspire you as it does 20/20.

–James J. Spina