As we shot these images in a sunlit Soho loft on a bright crisp day, I noticed something definitive about this month’s frame selections. The styles are either trendy with distinct silhouettes, colorblocking designs and glitter effects, or they’re classic silver metals that are timeless yet so right now. No matter which side of the spectrum, each optical frame offers something as unique as the person wearing it. So take your pick… timeless or trendy?

–Jillian Urcelay

Photographed by Stephen Mark Sullivan
Still life photography by Ned Matura

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With a shimmering fish scale-like texture and subtle points from the nosepad shape defining the front of the frame, this Wolf style brings a fresh approach to the classic definition of what makes a CatEye look like… a cat’s eye.

ANDY WOLF 5028 from Andy Wolf Eyewear


With a shape and a “steely” repose that conjures the rebel that was “John” in the Fab Four, this crisp and minimal round ROCKS.

AI from SALT. Optics


Looking to give tortoise a swig of spring? Add blue to the brew.

SANDRO 2000 from Mondottica USA


It has all the high marks of classic women’s eyewear: overt oversizing, foiled tortoise rims, golden daze… and yet this eyewear radiates a fresh and daring flourish.

GROOVED OPTICAL BUTTERFLY from Victoria Beckham Eyewear


The metal surge into style increases and plays perfect partner to classic heritage eyewear shapes and styles all interpreted anew.

RIM BAR from Fabulous Fanny’s (on him); Coco and Breezy Amparo from Eastern States Eyewear (on her)


Both soft… yet… rough. Black now rules in a flat and textured finish reasserting its status as an eyewear standard.

ESQUIRE 1553 from New York Eye

From left: IZOD 2045 from ClearVision Optical; COLE HAAN 5023 from Altair Eyewear; TALBERT from Garrett Leight California Optical; BISE from ic! berlin


The purple on this svelte “clubwoman” literally glitters with inner light.

POLICE Sparkle 8 VPL 629 from De Rigo Rem

From top: FREQUENCY from Smith Optics; ATTITUDES Attitude#42 from Zimco Optics; EICHLER from Blake Kuwahara

From top: TC CHARTON Asian Fit Eyewear Greg from Prologue Vision; PAWS ‘N’ CLAWS 4004 from Paws ‘n’ Claws Eyewear; GEEK EYEWEAR Sonoma from LTD Eyewear


Of course you know this eyewear style. You’ve seen it… forever. Or have you? It’s seemingly back but this time the refreshing note is a brow bar in black adding just the right dab of future to the function.

NRG 236 from SD Eyes