Think back to your childhood. Think back to your favorite television shows, books, movies and games. Does a specific character come to mind? A specific name? I’m sure the answers to these questions differ depending on various factors, but personally there is always one character that stands out in my memory: Mickey Mouse.

First, let me explain that my memories of Mickey Mouse don’t stem for my own fondness of this beloved character, but from my mother’s love of the classic mouse. Ever since I can remember, our house was filled with Mickey paraphernalia, holiday decorations and knick-knacks. Our house was and still is a Disney fan’s dream. Our Christmas ornaments are strictly ALL Disney themed as well as a majority of decorations for most holidays.

I have to admit, it took me a very long time to realize that this was not how most families decorated their homes. But I promise that my house isn’t some cheesy or overwhelming ode to Walt Disney and his creations. It’s a normal childhood home with just a bit of devotion to Mickey Mouse. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized the subtlety and ease that my mother incorporates these decor elements into our home. In fact, she does it with such effortlessness that half of the time I don’t even realize when she’s added a new find to her collection. I was never embarrassed by her love for Disney as it essentially forced me to become somewhat of a fan as well. Growing up, my brother and I saw every single original cartoon movie from the company that you can think of. I’m a huge fan of Disney musicals and all of the live-action remakes that have been recreated as of late. It’s a bit nostalgic and surprising that I remember all of the lyrics and characters to these musicals, but I’m all for it.

Mickey Mouse recently celebrated his 90th birthday with events and interesting brand collaborations that pay homage to the popularity and success of his namesake. Mickey: The True Original Exhibition opened in New York City featuring artwork, film and memorabilia from several decades, depicting the influence this famous character has made over the years. My family visited the exhibition one day this past winter and were blown away with how significant the Mickey Mouse character was outside of our own home.

I was excited when ESE International announced their new Disney children’s eyewear collection, featuring both original and new characters from the franchise. These cute miniature frames are perfect for children that are aficionados of all things Disney or fans of just one specific movie such as Frozen or Superman. The Minnie Mouse style on our cover adorably portrays the new collection, which I’m sure will make a splash just in time for back to school.

Victoria Garcia
  Senior Associate Editor
[email protected]