Still Life Photographed by NED MATURA

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Capture that CatEye crystal corner detail with rightly and brightly placed cut gems.

SERAPHIN Shimmer Sun 1 from OGI Eyewear

Multiple Choices

Want every color in your independent quest? Think KLiiK.

KLIIK DENMARK 709 from WestGroupe

1878’s the Date

Do the deep math on this long-standing eyewear tradition. Lozza has the keys secured here to a metal/zyl combo P3 look men can explore and adore.

LOZZA VL4181 from De Rigo Rem

From left: COCO AND BREEZY Stunning from ESE International; PRODESIGN DENMARK Hexa 2 from Design Eyewear Group; BRENDEL 902341 from Tura

The Blushing Cat

Crystal continues its growing impact on eyewear in both subtle and startling ways.

PARADIGM Bianca from Kenmark Eyewear

From top: TLG NU057 from L’Amy America; SILHOUETTE 4559 from Silhouette

American Bred

Here, a classic nod to eyewear’s venerated dedication to wide awake round specs.

SPECTACULARS Louise from ClearVision Optical

From left: KOALI 20116K from Morel; ANDY WOLF 4781 from Andy Wolf Eyewear; DAYO from Mykita; SCOTT & ZELDA 7477 from New York Eye; TEKA 4145 from Teka Eyewear

Fame in a Frame

Eyewear artist Blake Kuwahara deserves venerated credit for the iconic spec trend of frame-in-a-frame.

DELANO from Blake Kuwahara

From top: LYZA from Denon Eyewear; ALFA from Wiley X; MATSUDA 10605H from Matsuda; PERSOL 2488-S from Luxottica

Brazen and Bold

With a horizontally striated face front, State delves deep into this brand new era of emboldened zyl style.

STATE OPTICAL Lincoln from Europa Eyewear

Snow Tortoise

Fashion Editor Victoria Garcia dibs this coloration as Snow Tortoise. Perfect.

MODO 6546 from Modo

From top: JAVANAISE from Lafont; JACQUES DURAND Delos M from Gramercy Eyewear; BLOOM OPTICS Cailin from Mondottica USA; CEDRIC 2549 from Bevel Specs

Blue… Who?... You!

Consider this a visual weather report of crystal blue skies ahead for the new season.

SANFORD HUTTON Gayle C1139 from Colors in Optics

Driven by Tradition

Carrera’s long-standing status of independence stands in equal reverence to its renowned identity details.

CARRERA 22/N from Safilo

Independents have a special connection to 20/20.
As a voice in this optical arena, we are focused on the growing strength and confidence of Independent Vendors AND Independent Retailers.
The eyewear is personal.
The relationship of the eyecare pro and the consumer is powerful.
And the attitude is at once healthy and stylish.
All of this is empowered by the challenges of these last few years.
The opportunities are boundless.
Here’s your chance to grow with a deeply committed sense of… Independence.

–James J. Spina