By Linda Conlin, Pro to Pro Managing Editor

Every holiday season, there is one gift that stands out from all the others. It doesn’t come in the biggest box with the prettiest bow, and it isn’t purchased online or in a mall. It’s a gift to the heart that comes from an interaction with others. This year, that gift came early for me.

I was dispensing a first pair of glasses to a young woman. The prescription was plano with 5 prism base in OU to correct an exophoria. It can be challenging to dispense glasses under those circumstances, and I was concerned. She put the glasses on gingerly, blinked a few times and said, “Whoa!” “OK,” I said, “Give it a minute.” She drew a breath and looked around at distance and near. Slowly, a smile spread across her face. “I can see!” she said, over and over. She got up and walked around carefully, still repeating, “I can see!” Then came exuberant ‘thank yous’ and we exchanged high fives. I told her she had made my day, when it was actually the whole year. I’m still smiling thinking about it.

The young woman has already given me the best gift of the season. What a wonderful reminder of why we do what we do! While we help people to see better every day, such overwhelming reactions aren’t the norm. Still, those reactions fuel our passion for the profession and become our raison d'être. When we can use our knowledge and skill to help improve someone’s quality of life, we are giving as well as receiving a gift. We don’t have a job, we have a profession.

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With thanks to our readers, Pro to Pro contributing authors and all of those at 20/20 Magazine who help make Pro to Pro possible, a hearty thank you, and best wishes for a joyful holiday season. May you all find that special gift!