A return of the “shield” has been duly noted of late, more so in stylish sunglasses than in its traditional venerated position within the sport arena. It lends itself well to the whole frame-in-a-frame direction and sees equal acclaim as it jumps bridges with its one-piece frontal approach. And it seems to thrive on fun sun colorations so we’d like to get on the good foot and afford credit to an innovator like James Brown. We wonder as well if this will affect a new surge in the wearing of three-piece suits and/or matching sport jackets with coordinated jumpsuits. On that note: Just shield us from the answer. 

–James J. Spina

…And then there was the holiday season where 20/20 decided to team up and sum up our impressions with two richly-eyed women wearing Lafont and Kieselstein-Cord, both equally remarkable in their early delivery of the fact that high-end need not be crusted in glitz.